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Organize Your Medical Info

Are your medical documents all over the place?  Let's get you organized and in charge of your healthcare!  Below are printable guides to help you get started!  This will be information that you can take with you to each medical appointment.  

Colorful Binders

Products needed

3-ring binder, 2 inches or wider (with inside pockets)

Index dividers

Clear sheet protectors to fit 3-ring binder

You want a different color for each family member

A label maker is nice but not necessary

Personal Information and 
Medical History

These will be the first sheets in your notebook.  Fill out all the information and place in plastic sheet protector.

Additional notes can be added behind this.

Stack of Files

Sorting Documents

Label each notebook with family member's name

Label each divider with the following:


     Labs/Other tests



Medications List

List all your medications you are currently taking.

List any vitamins and supplements you are taking.

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