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For Providers and Clinics

Looking to be more productive and profitable?  I can help!  I offer Telehealth consulting to individual providers and multiple provider clinics.  I also work with small businesses to provide PGx testing and patient advocacy to improve employee wellness and reduce absenteeism.  

By adding a pharmacist to your practice, it can free up more of YOUR valuable time to see more patients!  More patients mean more revenue for the practice! Patients are given more time with a provider (ME!) and are happier with their outcomes!

    Pharmacogenomic (PGx) Testing
    Nutrigenomic (NGx) Testing
    Annual Wellness Visits
    Medication Therapy Management (MTM)
    Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
    Diabetes Prevention Programs
    Diabetes Self-Management Programs
    Chronic Care Management (CCM)
    Patient Advocacy
    Transitional Care Management (TCM)
    Hospital Admission Reduction Programs
    Clinical Trial Management

A pharmacist can also act as an Administrative Assistant, Drug Information Officer, Educator, Consultant, Patient Advocate, Project Manager, Wellness Program Coordinator, the list goes on and on!

“According to the JAPhA, “a pharmacist-physician covisit can generate an estimated additional $158,291 in annual revenue when compared to a traditional model.”

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Let's maximize your practice!

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